Would you like to buy some Girl Scout Cookies? I did!

Paula Kearney, a 7 year-old selling Girl Scout cookies, does what you’re supposed to do in sales. She asks “would you like to buy some?” It’s a simple closing technique, straightforward, sincere and positive. Paula’s selling experience produces numerous benefits for her. It builds interpersonal skills and self-confidence. She learns how to communicate clearly and get to the point quickly. In addition, she learns how to accept no, but go to the next house thinking yes. Through sales, Paula is learning valuable lessons they don’t teach in school, but probably should.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to be a better salesman from a girl scout selling cookies
  • Paula, the girl scout is exhibiting all the good characteristics of a good salesman. She is confident, friendly, believes in her product, is straight forward and won’t take no for an answer.
  • Paula’s sales success is also giving her many other success traits.

“Paula’s success has her so pumped to sell more, her parents have to dampen her enthusiasm with the reality of homework, school, household chores and bedtime.”

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