Why Would I Need A Sales Coach ?

It’s interesting, isn’t it, that 20 years ago sales coaches did not exist. Sales people back then seemed to make plenty of sales without them, didn’t they ? So, why would you need a sales coach ?

Then again, years ago we didn’t have faxes or mobile phones or text messages or computers or CRM software. In fact I once had a conversation with an old sales mentor of mine and he told me that when he first started selling he didn’t even have a company car. Five sales people in the office all shared a company car and each had access to it one day a week.

Can you imagine working as a salesperson without those items mentioned above.
It would seem impossible wouldn’t it.

Why do we need these tools today ?
Well, I think the world of business is a different place. It’s more complicated. It’s faster. We all have more (and varied) tasks to perform. Our customers are better educated and know more about our competitors. Every public company is under more pressure than it was to improve company profits to make sure the company share value keeps going up and that focus is heightened by a nervous share market.

Yes, the sales arena is a different place. It still revolves around the same skills but the rewards for having those skills honed (and the punishment for not having them) are bigger than ever.

Now you may like to think that you can learn all you need to learn about selling from reading a few good sales books or attending a sales training course.

To that I would say that in the past it was possible to be a “natural” tennis player or golfer and people did quite well at it professionally with just natural ability and practice. Let me ask you this how many top 100 professional golfers and tennis players do not have a coach these days.

Ahh yes, the world is a different place. And if you want to be a professional sales person and see better results maybe you should hire a sales coach so you can be at the top of your game and reap the rewards that are there for the taking.

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