What Does it Take to be Successful in Sales.

Many people that go int sales are looking for a magic formula.

They want a piece of advice that will magically turn them into a sales superstar.

In fact that’s exactly the trap many sales people fall in to.
They make a big sale using a certain process or approach and ASSUME that is THE way to make sales.
As the saying goes “he that is good with a hammer thinks that everything is a nail”

In selling you have to remember you sell to people, different people and they all have their own wants and needs and biases.
They communicate in different ways, with different emphasis.

I read a great quote the other day from Bernadette McClelland on the Top Sales World blog.
Here it is,
“Because it’s not about the methodology or the tactics or the strategies – sure they are important, but it’s about being brave, stepping up, learning to say ‘no’ , being comfortable about money, having the conviction to stand for something and definitely not about being any kind of a ball-breaker!

And at the end of the day, it’s about the guys learning to connect and respond more and it’s about the girls learning to be bold and own and lead with their strengths even more.”

This was part of an article about a client who questioned whether they needed to be a ball breaker to make sales.

You can read the full post here