Waking Up Ready to Sell is the start of utilizing Covert Persuasion

After writing my last post on the 28th of April I ran across this article in the newsletter of Jeffrey Gitomer.

The article talks about preparing your self to sell so that you get your covert persuasion off on the right foot.

Waking Up Is Hard To Do
by Whitney Bishop

Neil Sedaka crooned that “breaking up is hard to do”. So true. But it also seems that for most people, “waking up is hard to do.”

Let me give you a glimpse into the morning lives of two people: Joe Blow and Judy Toodie.

Joe watches the 11 o’clock news, gets good and depressed from all that is going on in the world, has a few beers, and goes to bed late. When Joe’s alarm clock (which sounds like a garbage truck backing up) goes off at 6:00, he hits the snooze button… five times! By the time Joe drags himself out of bed and gets in the shower, he’s already behind and in danger of running late for the 8:00 meeting for which he didn’t prepare anyway. He’s brushing his teeth, combing his hair, getting dressed, grabbing his briefcase and dashing out the door. Wait. He runs back in, he forgot something else he needed for the day, but he can’t find it. Minutes later he’s back in the car, driving through a fast food restaurant for some coffee and a greasy sausage biscuit (which he spills on his shirt) — then off to the client meeting.

That blows, Joe.

Now, Judy Toodie has developed a different sort of morning experience. First, Judy spends time the evening before making sure she has everything she needs for the day ahead. Clothes, check. Briefcase and notes, check. Ideas for client meeting, check. Keys, phone, laptop… check. Then she sets her alarm her iPod is set to play “Final Countdown” as the first song. She has a playlist set to slowly build and by the time she gets out of bed, she’s singing, dancing, and ready to greet the day with enthusiasm and vigor! Singing in the shower, dancing while she gets ready, infecting everyone in the house with her happy and encouraging mood. She gets in the car and pops in her favorite motivational CD to get pumped up for her 8:00 client meeting. She’s ready to go. She hits the door with purpose, power, and a plan for success.

Here are three things you can to do to start your day off right…

1. Get to bed, sleepyhead. Don’t stay up late watching TV. If you don’t need much sleep, spend the time before bed reading things that feed your head and preparing for the next day. Write down things that you need to work on the next day and in your slumber, who knows, new ideas may come to you in your sweet dreams!

2. Ditch your old alarm clock and hook up your iPod to one of those boom boxes with an alarm clock on it. I DARE you to sleep through “Hit the Road Jack”, “RESPECT”, or “Eye of the Tiger.” You’ll be dancing before your feet ever hit the floor!

3. Make mornings fun! Take the time to set your tone for the whole day. Read something that inspires you, that moves you closer to a goal. Write about it. Write a few pages every morning. Dance. Sing. Your spouse, kids, animals, and/or roommates will think you’re crazy at first. Then, they’ll join in!