Use Covert Persuasion to Build Your Personal Effectiveness at Selling

I read this post from Jeffrey Gitomer some time ago and have been meaning to post it here. He had been attending some concerts and noticed the elevation in his mood brought about by the music. He then relates the relevance of this to sales.

“These concerts have helped my attitude and my sales. 
They have given me an emotional and inspirational charge.

Music makes all my emotions deeper and all my thoughts sharper. And not just in concert – also before sales calls and appointments. I play up-beat music on my way to give a presentation. I inspire myself. I set my own soul on fire. And I walk into the prospects office rocking, and feeling great about the meeting.

How about you? If you love music, why not incorporate more of it into your business life?

…….I learned my presentation skills singing karaoke in bars.

If you doubt the power of music, consider these facts:

Music inspires your thoughts and thinking.

Music helps you smile and recall pleasant experiences.

Listening and singing sets an internal musical mood.

Music reinforces your internal positive attitude.

……….Repetition is the mother of mastery. If you hear a new song you like, you tap your foot. After you hear it five times, you can sing along. And after the tenth time you can sing it (at least the chorus) on your own. Same in sales. If you learn a strategy or technique, at first you like it, then you use it a few times and become proficient, and after the tenth time you have mastered it………..

Go out and find your music. Listening and singing will give you mental, physical, and monetary rewards.”

And the thing that gets your juices going may not be music, but whatever it is you need to find it out and use it before every sales meeting so that when you walk into that room you are ready to present and ready to notice every little word and inflection and movement that your prospect makes.