Two of the worst words you can use when you are selling

There are plenty of words that don’t enhance your sales results.

I consider these two when used to gather to be amongst the worst

The words are ….” yes .. but ”
For most of my life in sales I was told
“Don’t use “yes..but”!”

I just trusted the senior guys telling me this but never really knew why.

Then one day I was in a communications course and it was explained to me.

But, really is not a very good persuasion word to use with your prospects.
You see, ” but ” acts like a mental eraser removing (negating) everything that has been said before it.

Effectively you are saying “yes…I heard what you are saying but it does’t matter…we’re going to ignore it.
Doesn’t seem very respectful of your prospect does it ?

Think about some simple examples of using but in a couple of contexts.
Imagine saying to your wife,
” You look beautiful in that but …”
( look out !! Be very careful what your next words are !! )

What if your boos said to you…
“You have done a great job on that proposal but …”
How would you feel after hearing that, ?
Perhaps, like the next words would be,
” … I want you to do it all again ” .
So, if I can’t use “yes …but” what do I use ?
Well, I was taught to use the Agreement Frame.

If you don’t know what the Agreement Frame is just click the link below and I’ll send you a report describing what it is and how to use it.