The Magic Question

Many people are focused on the short-term, and customer service is often provided with this mentality. “What do you need NOW” is the question most ask. Taking a long-term approach towards the problem at hand, and genuinely caring about the customer’s extended goals will be much more effective. Ask instead, “What result would you like to see long-term, to make you happy for this product/service?” This shows your dedication, and commitment to a continued relationship with them, and people will appreciate it more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many people are in the habit of asking sort-term questions and focusing on short-term goals.
  • Asking about long-term goals and expectations shows exactly what people expect from a product or service.
  • By knowing exactly what your customer expects from your service, you can meet their expectations better.

“If we were to get together three years from now, what would have to happen professionally and personally for you to feel this was a valuable investment of your time and money?”

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