Subliminal Persuasion

I noted an interesting article on subliminal persuasion.

Here’s an excerpt from the article


“What is subliminal persuasion?

The word subliminal means below consciousness.


So, subliminal persuasion is simply influencing people at a level below their conscious recognition. It is influencing people with more than just words. It is the power of what lies behind or beneath the language. It makes use of the plain word’s normal message in combination with a lower level of conscious cognition to effectively influence a person’s decision-making or line of thinking.

(Covert language is covered towards the end of this page)


Why use subliminal persuasion?

Truth is, you can’t not use it. 

Every time you communicate with words you are sending other messages non-verbally whether you are aware of them or not. So, why not communicate an effective sales message both verbally and non-verbally?…”

The post goes on to discuss the first step to subliminal persuasion and how voice tonality can be used to persuasfde covertly too.

For the full article click on the link below.

Subliminal Persuasion