Get Organised, Plan for Sales Success

Consider this a bit of sales mentoring.

I spent a lot more time planning then many of my sales counterparts and got better sales results than most of them.

I spent a lot of time making sure things ran smoothly, I used to say my job was ” to grease the wheels”. I did this because I learned that problems have a way of swallowing up time.  A delivery problem or a stock out for a small customer can become the major priority in your workday (or even workweek) when in terms of dollars it doesn’t deserve to be.

I tried a lot of systems to keep organized. The concept of kaizan, continuous small improvements in productivity was my mantra.

All of these things take some thinking about, some research and the ability to monitor the results. Professional sales people are always looking to get better.

One of the things I did was to foster a very good relationship with the head girl on the sales desk.
Bought her flowers occasionally.
Got her to appreciate stock run outs were a problem for her too.
So, together we made a shortlist of small stock items that could easily run out and she generated a stock, orders in the system and stick on order report for me very month.
The I would chase the responsible person to get more stock on order.
Worked like a charm

Simple stuff like this can save you a lot of selling time.