Sales Coaching – Follow Up or Else

As a sales coach I often give advice to sales people but I can spot good advice when I see it too.

The following article I link to is from Paul McCord and it’s a beauty, do yourself a favour and click on the link to read it.

Before you do let me relate a story.

I was in a startup company many years ago and like most startups we were short of business so I arranged to visit a good customer I had called on when working for my previous company. It was a “fishing expedition”. At the end of the meeting we realised there was little we could do together. I asked, “how is my replacement going?”

The answer has stuck with me ever since.

Ian said, “he came to see a while back and there was some info I needed”, the rep said to Ian , “leave it with me” and as Ian said, “that’s exactly where it stayed”.

I had built up the business with Ian’s company from nothing to $600,000 a year. Within two years of me leaving it was back to almost nothing.

Following up with your clients and prospects builds trust and that builds business.

Keeping Your Prospect Moving Towards a Purchase Decision