Sales Coaching – Customer Focus

Here’s a bit of sales coaching advice that many sales people could do with.

When I was selling day to day in the B2B world I never wore a wrist watch.
People used to ask me how I could function as a sales person without knowing the time.
My comment was, “When I’m with a customer I don’t want to know the time. My focus is on them and their reactions will determine when the meeting is over. I certainly do not want to demean them by looking at my watch when we are in a meeting.”

I used to know some sales people that left their mobile phone on while in an important meeting. 
Are they serious !!
When you are with a prospect / client, they are the most important person on the planet. Why would you allow a phonecall (which could be your spouse asking you to pick up something on the way home from work) to interfere with you earning your income ?

No. The focus needs to be on your prospect and if you need help maintaining that focus the article below could help.

Better Customer Conversations.