Convincing a Prospect, Their Way


As a sales coach I often ask my clients, ever wondered how your prospects become convinced ?

I read a while back that most successful salespeople in the USA get an order after the 5th “No!”.

This is used to show that successful salespeople are most persistent.

And it does give that message.


What if we look at this from a different angle ?

Maybe it’s telling us that most buyers in the USA need to imagine using your product or service 5 times before they buy. i.e. become convinced

This is used extensively in television advertising (“don’t buy yet because” or “ but wait there’s more “).



As I’ve mentioned before we humans are learning machines and once we learn  how to do something successfully we often assign that task to our unconscious mind. e.g. driving a car and walking, we do these without conscious thought.

Here’s the rub.

Not only do we assign physical tasks to our unconscious but we also assign mental processes.

During our formative years we learn ways of making decisions and relating to people and these programs or strategies can stay with us for life.


So based on their life experiences people vary in the way they can be convinced of something and how long that process takes :

  • Some people can be convinced immediately.
  • Some need two or three exposures to a concept to be convinced.
  • Some need 60 – 90 days to go by
  • Some will never be really convinced.


There are ways of handling these longer Convincer strategies to make a sale without having to wait 90 days.

To know how you may need some sales coaching.