Cold Calls, necessary or outdated

There is quite a debate between variuos sales trainers these days as to whether cold calling is necessary or desirable. Some say it’s a waste of time others say its a necessary evil.

Putting that debate aside I know I used to do some cold calling and I’m pretty confident that you will have to do some as well. So, it makes sense to do it well.

Below is a link to a post by Wendy Weiss (via another site) who is considered by many to be THe Queen of cold calling. It probably makes sense to take her advice.

I found her rule #8 quite interesting,

“Rule #8: Every cold call is a victory. A cold call that eliminates a prospect is just as good (better maybe!) that a cold call that puts a prospect into your pipeline. Therefore, every cold call is a victory and should be celebrated as such.”

Cold Calling.