Is YOUR Life in Sales Perfect

I guess it’s a pretty silly question to ask, isn’t it.

Plainly, nobodies life is perfect.




But from a sales perspective it is even more ridiculous to expect that things will always run smoothly.
For a start as a sales person you are a PPS = “Professional Problem Solver” (from Tom Hopkins if I recall)
So, you are constantly dealing with people’s problems. And there are those amongst them that just love getting the monkey off their back.
How many of you have taken a 4.50pm phone call with a problem that just has to be solved, right now.
You move heaven and earth and get deliveries rescheduled and arrange couriers and phone the warehouse manager at home.
You phone the client back at 6pm  to assure them all is OK and learn from the cleaner that he went home at 5pm.

And lets face it, as sales people we are always dealing with people and often with company politics and neither of those always run smoothly.

Yet it never ceases to amaze me when I hear sales people complaining about customer X or Y and how they caused all these problems.
Seriously, that’s your job to deal with those problems.

And then you get the sales people who can never get the results because they have the wrong territory or “we are in the middle of a recession” or the warehouse is constantly messing up deliveries or we are always running out of stock – whatever.
The fact is if you are a professional sales person you DEAL with it.
Excuses are not an option, find a way to solve the problem.

Below is a link to a post from Paul  Castain, well worth a read as he explains the hard times he went through, and no his life is not perfect now but he has rid himself of the stupid excuses he used to beat himself up with.

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