How to Use LinkedIn to Build High-Value Relationships

LinkedIn is a great communication and networking social media site, and can provide immense value to business relationships if used properly. LinkedIn relationships are nearly the same as in live relationships, and people react similarly. Don’t add people and try to immediately try to sell them something. You will come off as pushy, and may lose that connection. Provide quality content, and give the connections more that you gain from them. Giving value and being honest will result in more meaningful long-term connections.

Key Takeaways:

  • Having a large number of followers is not your goal because it is more important to connect with the right people, not all people.
  • Using automation will turn people off and it can get you banned from LinkedIn.
  • Personalize every connection you make with a prospect by using the person’s name and including relevant details.

“Simply put, your goal on LinkedIn should be to be known as the most valuable person in the room, the one your buyers can turn to with their questions.”

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