How To Teach Your Clients To Recognize Real Value

If you approach prospective clients with an attitude and strategy that resembles that of salespeople they’ve met in the past, they’re less likely to take you seriously. Try a different approach to become more memorable such as walking them through the sales process backward. Starting off with a theory of which results they need will help you avoid getting into a conversation with them that is purely transactional. Helping them see how they can directly reach their outcome without starting from square one will lead them to become much more enthusiastic and determined.

Key Takeaways:

  • To differentiate yourself with other salespersons, begin the conversation by discussing the strategic outcome your client seeks.
  • Treat your higher price as a weapon, not a liability, and address the cost issue early in the conversation.
  • Quantify your client’s losses by questioning how much they will forfeit if they fail to make the necessary investment.

“If you are in sales, you are a combative diplomat, so why not argue your case and teach the stubborn clients who cling to the lowest price?”

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