Four Four-Letter Words To Banish from your Sales Vocabulary

If you are putting off a client by telling the “JUST” anything, don’t. They do not want Just a sec to get nervous in. You are not comforting them by giving them a moment. Stop selling them by talking about the COST of anything. A COST is not an investment, it is negative. HOPE is another word that does not belong in a salespersons vocabulary. You need to have a plan, not have HOPE be your plan. Add DEMO to the list of words to lose. Do not use it as a selling tool, but as a Closing tool, after you have built up your product.

Key Takeaways:

  • Do not use the word Just when you are trying to make a sale. Putting people off does not comfort them, it scares them.
  • COST, steer clear of this word and focus on the investment of something, the other feels like you are selling.
  • DO not HOPE to hear back from clients. Execute a plan and follow it through.

“Words can kill you, your pipeline, and career. We don’t want that, so to help, here are four four-letter words to banish from your sales vocabulary.”

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