Don’t Dread Cold Calls, Laugh Them Off.

Cold calling can be something you dread, until you learn these simple rules. State why you are calling in the first 15 seconds. Get the person on the other end of the line interested by asking them questions and getting to know them. Make them laugh and be sincere. Once you have them interested be prepared to answer their questions. You need to have goal totals for calls, what is the minimum amount you need to call in a month to accomplish your goals. It is an attitude and a numbers game. Thank people when they tell you no, tell them it helps you to get closer to a yes. Mostly take the dread out of your voice and have fun.

Key Takeaways:

  • Calling someone to sell them an item requires a thorough training period
  • Try to make the call as brief and light as possible by incorporating laughter
  • Be prepared with all materials and practice your speech before you call the customer

“You will no longer dread the dreaded cold call after you read this column several hundred thousand times.”

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