Covert Persuasion – Values

We all seek to meet our values and express some of these in what we buy.

Our values present as the criteria on which we base our decision.

We can use this as a covert persuasion tactic.

How would you like to know within the first three minutes of every interview exactly what your client wants or expects from you?

Then, with just a few simple, (yet incredibly powerful questions), know exactly what your client needs to hear in order to buy from you…

I’m not kidding! It’s possible.

That would change your career just a little, wouldn’t it?

“Criteria Elicitation,” is a power-packed strategy the enables your client to tell you right up front what they want!

The answers to these questions deliver you a map of your client’s brain… exactly what your client needs to be fed in order for them to buy with zero resistance!

Criteria elicitation is the precise technology that you need in your business to insure zero resistance.

The question that starts you on that pathway is, …

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