“Covert Persuasion Starts with You”

Did you know that most jurists (people that serve on a jury) make up their mind about the
guilt or innocence of the defendant in the first thirty seconds and then spend the rest of
their time justifying their decision?

So, it makes sense that as a sales person that you need to make a good first impression.
This is the first part of covert persuasion.

How do you make a good first impression?
Be on time
Be well dressed
Be well prepared
Be confident

I have mentioned in the past that you need to be congruent in front of your prospect. That
is to say when you converse with your prospect that all of you is in agreement with what
you are saying. If you are not the buyer will sense the incongruence and be worried. And
people need to feel at ease to part with their hard earned dollars.

So, in order for a prospect to buy from you they need to trust you.

For a prospect to trust you they need to be confident in your motives and in your

Imagine you are going to see a specialist because you have a significant medical problem.
You hear that the doctor you are about to see is being investigated for conducting
unnecessary operations. Do you trust the doctor ? What about if you walk into the
doctor’s office and the office is messy, the doctor is poorly dressed with untidy, dirty
clothes and during your consultation he chops and changes his diagnosis and
recommended treatment ? Would you still trust that doctor ?

Back to you. Whether you are on time or late implies things about your competence as
does how well you are dressed as does your manner when you first walk into your
prospect’s office.

I’m not going to explain to you how to be on time or how to dress.

Let’s talk about your manner. What determines your outside manner is what’s going on
inside you, mostly in your head. Are you in control of what you are experiencing on the
inside ?

If you think you are not then maybe my next post will be enlightening to you.

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