Covert Persuasion – Confidence

All the covert persuasion techniques in the world and all the best intentions / goals won’t get you anywhere if you are not confident, looking after yourself and having fun.

As Dale Carnegie said 
“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”

Your sense of self and your personal happiness come first.

If you do not have a good relationship with yourself and your work, no amount of skills training will compensate.

When you are happy and enthusiastic your confidence and sales will soar.


A sales career is not an easy one. 

Your results are there in black and white.

For many salespeople their income depends on their results. 

This is true for all salespeople but for some the time lag is shorter.


A salesperson has to: 

  • deal with rejection, 
  • be able to think on their feet and 
  • be organized.

How can you do these things without confidence in yourself and your abiloity ?


Success in sales depends, in no small way, on your confidence and your enthusiasm.


We’ve all heard the saying that “Nothing succeeds like success”. 

When I used to land a big sale I’d immediately make contact with any other sales deal I was close to closing. 

Often, I’d get an order. 

What I was doing was tapping into the confidence I had gained from the big breakthrough and using it to generate enthusiasm to make more sales.


How does one maintain their confidence when the deals are not happening ?

I find it helps to harbour a belief like

“ There is no such thing as failure, it’s only feedback”

Treat each “no sale” as a learning experience to refine and improve your sales abilities.

Furthermore, how does one maintain enthusiasm over a long period of time ?


Enthusiasm comes from having a mission.

A long-term objective that’s larger than life and compelling.

A mission also helps define who we are. 

And when we know who we are, what we want and why, we become Congruent.


What is congruence ?

Congruence is that state of alignment when you believe in what you are doing and your body and mind are working towards your goal. It is that state in which you are confident, enthusiastic and purposeful.


“Your sense of self and congruence are more important than all the presentation skills you could learn, useful as these are. Congruence and a sense of self are products of knowing your values and your purpose…” (“Successful Selling … The way forward in the new Bazaar”, O’Connor and Prior, p. 107)


If you need help boosting your confidence and improving your congruence maybe you need some sales coaching