Covert Persuasion and Contrast

Here’s a covert persuasion tip, “Create Contrast” by Kevin Hogan

When two people, things, or places that are relatively different from each other are placed next to each other we see them as very different, and it is easier to distinguish which one we want more.

The question becomes “which” not “whether or not to.”
People will, if given a choice between two things, choose the less expensive option.

There is a funny example from TheTonight Show with Johnny Carson when he had the number-one Girl Scout cookie salesperson in the country on the show. He asked her the secret of her success. She said,“I just went to everyone’s house and said, ‘Can I have a $30,000 donation for the Girl Scouts? ’When they said ‘No,’I said, ‘Would you at least buy a box of Girl Scout

You can use this too. Show your client the best option and/or the least expensive. The client is compelled to own something and normally will take the lease expensive item if it is shown last.

The same technique works in almost every setting in the business world.

If you want someone to do something for you, simply ask him something you know he will never agree to, then, when he says no, ask him for the smaller favor. People will be more likely to help you after this small exchange than if you had asked for the smaller item first.

I am available for sales coaching on covert persuasion techniques.