B2B Sales and Time Travel

When looking for prospective buyers, speak their language. Go in with the notion that certain people are on the edge of buying, while others are simply seeking knowledge, and others likely don’t have a clue of what terms are used. The last tend to be interested in going with the flow but not as likely to buy into anything. The other possibilities might need assistance in learning different terms and the knowledge they seek would turn into purchasing power if they have common interests. The experienced buyers might be wary of new possibilities if they have suspicion of being burnt. What comes of each group is that there is the potential buyer in all of them. Pitch to common interest, use language they can understand and give the understanding that they’re going to expand and flourish in the future with those purchases.

Key Takeaways:

  • B2B sales time travel is the ability to evaluate potential customers and put them into three categories. There are buyers that are ready now, future prospects and suspects.
  • The seller has to talk to each of these groups differently according to their buying needs.
  • The seller needs to disqualify the people that won’t lead to a deal. The successful salesman needs to be able to tell these people apart.

“In any given market, you have people who are actively in the midst of a decision, call them buyers.”

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