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I want to think it over

If you have been in sales for any time at all you would have heard a prospect say  “I want to think it over” And it’s true sometimes you just need to mull it over. It actually takes me about a year to buy a new car. The typical way salespeople deal with this objections…

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Sales Coaching – Past Performance versus Current

One of the most valuable assets for any sales person is their self confidence. As a sales coach I often have to deal with a client who is down on confidence. That is one of the reasons why when I used to sell imported goods that as soon as I landed a good size contract…

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“He that is good with a hammer thinks everything is a nail”

  This is a reason you might want to consider sales coaching. “He that is good with a hammer thinks everything is a nail” What do I mean by this ? Well we humans are interesting creatures. We learn by trial and error. That’s how we learn to do many things like walking and driving.…

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Sales Coaching – Answering Objections

Dealing with objections is a part of sales coaching that comes up a lot. As long as you are not selling a perfect product there will be sales objections, so get used to them. The best way to handle objections is to follow a process AND to have trained your mind to reframe objections automatically…

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Sales Coaching and Language

I could not do sales coaching without an obsession about words and how they affect people. Napoleon said, “We rule men with words”. “The pen is mightier than the sword. ” Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know men.- Confucius Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind – Rudyard…

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