15 Smart Strategies to Speed Up Your Sales Cycle

The ideal sales cycle is both predictable and quick, but that isn’t easy to accomplish. Implementing a call cycle for your sales force is a good start. You can also save time for your reps by using sales automation tools to take over some of their more repetitive tasks. Always be transparent about pricing, including extra fees, as a way to build trust. Another good practice is to use incremental closes, i.e., obtain a series of small commitments from the buyer. These and other strategies will improve your sales cycle.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your call cycle refers to how often (and how many times) you call prospective customers in order to maintain relationships and keep your company in the running for future business.
  • You should carefully consider your prospects’ objections, and then address them.
  • In the modern age, prospective customers use many different devices, and you need to make sure they can conveniently sign agreements from any of the .

“One surefire strategy for edging toward a more predictable close is to focus on improving the call cycle process and maintain deal momentum.”

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