1 Lie. 2 Secret Skills. And The Path To Getting Everything You Want From Life.

When you want to be successful at anything you must recognize that there is a cost to that success. You need to say NO to having a great deal of fun and make the choice to work hard. It is as simple as that. Stop watching so much TV and pick up a book. Focus on work, and work hard for what you want. Have accountability and a plan. If you want to have better relationships, more success there is a way to do that. Make a plan to be successful, and be willing to be committed to it. What we focus on is where are success comes.

Key Takeaways:

  • You need to work and make the right choices to be successful and that is a fact. Improve on improving and keep doing it.
  • You need to learn to say NO to something that is FUN to get things done.
  • You need to decide to be accountable and then you will grow in the areas of life you need to grow in. Finances, emotional and relationships. Accountability.

“I’m not sure when we started romanticizing “the struggle”, but let’s be honest. The struggle sucks.”

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